Rhythmical yet relaxing… acoustic based folk-pop that soothes while it moves.  Welcome to the musical world of Chris and Daya-Devi Doolin (aka Level Seven).  Check out these award winning singer-songwriters and enjoy the music.

!!Just Released!! Our latest version of the much requested song Mayamo

Based on a documentary we saw years ago, an elder of the Kikuyu tribe we call Mayamo laments the passing of the old ways in the rush to westernization and modernization. Ironic in its world beat type of format, it still contains a heart of acoustic guitar and harmony that mirrors the heart of the ancient wisdom crying to be retained.

Browse and explore. We’re currently in the studio working on new songs and new arrangements of older songs.

Chris enjoyed listening to the backing tracks from our CD Smile America on his IPod while riding his bike. One morning, He Chris received the idea immediately after waking up to merge this music with photos and videos. He ended up finding just what he needed in the public domain archives.  Eventually the best backing tracks became a CD 7 by Seven.  If you like instrumental music, check it out.

The music with vocals is available for download at our online store .

Here is a trailer of a Live performance video of the inspirational contemporary acoustic-folk-roots-rock of Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin (aka Level Seven) at The White House at Timucua Arts Center
on June 26, 2016.
We arranged a year earlier to perform at the White House at Timucua Arts in Orlando. We had heard great things about the venue. After an unusually stressful 24 hour period, we arrived a little early for the gig. We decided to get out of the heat and hang out for a little while at a local eatery. It turns out this was directly across the street from Pulse nightclub in Orlando; so there we were watching the stream of people at the impromptu memorial for the victims of that terrible tragedy. We carried these emotions with us into the show, but in spite of losing it several times, we feel blessed to have a great concert video. We want to thank Benoit Glazer at the White House for recording and providing the superb audio and video.

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Chris and Daya