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Let Me Explain (2011) Not My Job (2012)

This page is intended for those who are interested in booking our group or members of the media.

Find out about our contemporary acoustic sound on this page with our brochure, sample flyer, reviews, videos and song clips from some of the songs we perform.

Check out a sample video of our acoustic live performance at Timucua White House in Orlando here. Also, another live performance at BluGathering in Winter Springs here.

We have an electronic press kit (EPK) available as a web page here:

We have a PDF version of our electronic press kit (EPK) here:

aka Level Seven promo brochure

aka Level Seven Flyer

Thanks for your interest

aka Level Seven c/o Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin  386-532-5308


Chris and Daya are a blessing and a joy! They offer a wonderful musical experience! ~ Maurice Starr, The General, Maurice Starr Entertainment, Grammy Award-Winning Recording Engineer & Producer

They, aka Level Seven, possess captivating harmonies.  A kind of blissful gentleness permeates their material, yet is never cloying.” ~  Steve Morse – Boston Globe, MA

“Theirs is a winning performance.  Her voice is a warm gravely alto, his a soft tenor.”  ~ Thom Duffy, Orlando Sentinel, FL

“An enchanting duo.  Their vocal harmony is incredible!!  Soft, searching and intense!”  ~ M.C.M.A.A., MA

They are GREAT!  ~ Bryan Hayes, Florida Entertainment Network FL